Welcome Home: The Heartwarming Story of Homegrown Hideaway

Hello there, friends! We’re absolutely delighted to have you join us as we unfold the heartwarming tale of Homegrown Hideaway – a place where the word “business” feels like an understatement because, to us, it’s home. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and share the story of why this piece of paradise means the world to us.

Back in the late ’70s, Jon’s parents made a life-changing decision to call this enchanting property their own. Little did they know, they were setting the stage for a haven that’s now etched into the very fabric of our lives. Jon, raised right here, has a treasure chest of memories, and across the road, Caroline’s childhood home stands as a reminder of the deep roots we’ve planted in this community.

The idea of Homegrown Hideaway sprouted from a simple desire – to have a space large enough for our ever-growing family during holiday dinners. Our barn renovation dreams were in full swing, but as we envisioned it as a cozy family gathering spot, we couldn’t help but dream bigger. We’re passionate about our local community, and the thought of creating a space for local musical talents to shine lit up our imaginations.

Serendipity struck when Caroline stumbled upon a local glamping property for sale. Suddenly, everything clicked, and the concept of Homegrown Hideaway blossomed into reality – a place where family, community, and nature converge to create something truly special.

At Homegrown Hideaway, we’re opening our doors wide to share the sheer beauty of our little corner of the world with you. It’s not just about glamping; it’s an invitation to escape the daily grind, to reconnect with nature, and to become a part of our ever-growing family.

Whether you’re yearning for a peaceful escape or on the lookout for a venue for a special event, Homegrown Hideaway is ready to embrace you. Our glamping accommodations offer a cozy retreat surrounded by the serenity of our natural surroundings.

Homegrown Hideaway is more than a business endeavor – it’s a labor of love, a tribute to our roots, and a celebration of community. We warmly invite you to become a part of this journey, to craft memories, and to experience the magic that unfolds when family, community, and nature come together.

So, are you ready for your next getaway or special event? Join us at Homegrown Hideaway, where every visit feels like a heartwarming homecoming. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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