March break has us thinking about summer holidays, and getting together with friends. Do you have a group that keep saying ‘we should all go somewhere together!’ or ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to let the kids just run around?” Homegrown Hideaway has launched a special group rate just for you! We listened to what you’ve been asking for, and think you just might like this one.

details of the 2024 special group offer

Group Rate

We are pleased to offer for the months of May, June and July a special mid-week offer. Bring your group of friends or family and stay for 2 or 3 nights! Have the whole place to yourself and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 2 Nights, 3 Days: $1,800 3 Nights, 4 Days: $2,600

Whats included?

5 glamping tents that hold one family Exclusive use of the space (that means no other families or groups wandering through) Use of all amenities. Separate pop-up tents are available for kids upon request. To book your group stay with us give us a call at 519-909-9851 or email us. We will make sure that your stay is catered specifically for your group!

Growing up, we would travel to see family in the states. Usually over March break we would take the trek down to Illinois to visit my grandparents. The drive was long. Being in the backseat with my sister was great as long as we were getting along… But it was all worth it when we saw my grandparents smiling faces, Grandma standing on the porch waving at us as we drove in and that first, big, ‘oh how I have missed you’ hug. Each trip was different, but some of my favourites were when my cousins could come too, and we would spend the week on cots in the garage, talking, laughing, telling stories.

Choosing the right destination:

Finding the perfect place for your group can be a challenge. Trying to balance your group size, what you will do and everyone's personal preferences can be tricky at times. Here are our top tips when trying to plan a group getaway:

  1. Personal space! When looking for a group accommodation the luxury of having personal space for each family or couple can make or break a vacation. Look for places that have enough beds for everyone, but also a little distance between them.
  2. Take a look at what the venue has to offer but don’t stop there. Look into the surrounding communities too! Small towns often have some pretty cool things going on! Looking for beaches, biking trails, other day trip outings you can do as a group? Reach out to your accommodation host. I bet they can steer you in the right direction and maybe even let you in on some local hidden gems. 
  3. Consider the personal preferences of each of your group guests. Does someone prefer to be closer to a washroom? Is there a rowdy family that should have a little extra space? (or are they maybe the gathering space?) Do some people want to rough it, but others want a comfortable bed and nice washrooms? While this can also be challenging, there is common ground in there somewhere

Homegrown Hideaway is where Camping meets Glamping.

Our off grid tents offer a rustic, roughing it vibe while being self contained and comfortable. Each site is separate enough from the next for privacy, but close enough to enjoy each others company. You don’t have to worry about what kind of washrooms you will be dealing with here. We have 4 powder rooms just like you would find at home, and 2 shower rooms if you aren’t interested in your off grid, outdoor shower experience.

group of women doing crafts in the barn

Are you looking to book your next group vacation?

Are you looking to book your next group vacation? Consider connecting with each other in nature. Take advantage of Homegrown Hideaways mid week offer of all 5 glamping tents for: 2 Nights, 3 Days: $1,800, or 3 Nights, 4 Days: $2,600. Contact us to book your stay! 519-909-9851 or info@homegrown hideaway We look forward to seeing you (and your group!) soon! Caroline & Jon