Our family loves it here... you will, too!


We are so proud to call Homegrown Hideaway not only our family business but our home. We'd like to share a bit of background about what we're doing here and why we've chosen this path. Jon's parents bought the property that we now call Homegrown Hideaway in the late '70s from a multi-generational farming family. He was raised on the property and has many memories here. Caroline was raised right across the road, where her parents still live today. The idea behind Homegrown Hideaway started with us wanting to finish renovating our barn so we'd have a place to host family holiday dinners. Our ever-growing family always seems to outgrow our living space and we wanted something more. We are also passionate about our local community and loved the idea of having a space where we could showcase local musical talent. When Caroline came across a local glamping property up for sale, the idea of Homegrown Hideaway just seemed to click. We want to share our beautiful piece of property with you — give you a place to escape and reconnect. We'd love for you to join us for your next getaway or special event.

Long Point Biosphere Region has added us to their list of Amazing Places

Amazing Places are opportunities to educate and inspire visitors about their natural surroundings, and to create a connection that can quickly become powerful and deeply personal. Each place tells a story about physical, biological or historical features in publicly accessible locations. An Amazing Place can be different things to different people: mystical, magical, unique, breath-taking and awe-inspiring. It’s time to explore the Amazing Places in Ontario’s biosphere reserves! Thank you Long Point Biosphere Region for including us in this amazing list of sustainable Norfolk County businesses and organizations.

Norfolk Sustainable Leaders Program

The Long Point Biosphere Region is proud to have Homegrown Hideaway as part of the first cohort of the Norfolk Sustainability Leaders Program. Sustainability is the best opportunity for businesses to positively impact their team, ideal customers,local environment and our community! Together, we can position Norfolk County as a sustainability leader. Together, we are the change! We are excited to work with businesses located within the Long Point Region to help them stand out in our community and beyond and give them tools that will appeal to their ideal employees, customers and partners.

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